Communications tips - For competitors

  • Be clear with line calls – when the ball is out stop play and indicate visually with a raised finger that the ball was out.
  • Call point scores as per normal.  Be aware that there are some deaf people who do not speak, and will prefer a manual scoring method - one such method uses 15-15 is indicated by 1-1, 30-30 by 2-2, deuce by 3-3, etc.  Clarity with line calls is important for accurate scoring. 
  • When changing ends, ensure you are face-to-face with the deaf person when confirming the game score, & update scoreboards if available
  • If playing doubles, decide how to communicate with your partner prior to the match. 
  • Be honest & diligent – call all lets and make line calls per normal.  Do not over-rule your own line calls just because you your opponent didn’t hear the let or your line call and has played on!  
  • Call all service lets, whether you are serving or receiving - immediately stop play & visually indicate the call (e.g. raise your hand).    


Communications tips from various perspectives: