VIC - Monday Night Tennis (Melbourne) 

Do you feel like some tennis?  Are you looking for a great way to enjoy the warm evenings, get fit, have fun, improve your skills?  Our Monday night sessions are open to all ages and standards, and we have a court set aside for juniors.  All are welcome to come along and have a hit - including hearing friends & family. 

We are currently hitting at Nottinghill Pinewood Tennis Club.  This venue is very close to the Monash Freeway (Blackburn Road exit) and is easily accessed by car.  Typically the first half of the session consists of a warm-up, then hitting and drills and usually some informal coaching from some of the senior players.  Then in the second half of the session we play some sets - singles or doubles, depending on what people want to do and the skill level of those attending.      

After the session a few of us usually go for dinner at the nearby Pinewood shops at about 8:30pm - entirely optional. 

There is no need to RSVP - just turn up on the night.  However if you want to be informed if the session is cancelled, e.g. due to bad weather let us know you are coming and we will let you know if it is cancelled.

    - email:
    - SMS: 0414 246 554

    - Per night: approx $5 ($7 if you play singles)  

   - Nottinghill Pinewood Tennis Club ( )
   - 1-9 Baker Ave (enter off Herriotts Boulevard), Glen Waverley, VIC 3150.