Welcome to Deaf Tennis Australia!  We are a group of people united in that we are deaf (including Auslan users, hard of hearing, cochlear implantees, etc) and united by our passion for the game of tennis!  

If you are deaf and would like to play tennis with other deaf people, then deaf tennis is for you!  


We play tennis both through deaf tennis and through our hearing local clubs and associations, and we see this model as combining the best of the deaf world with the best of the hearing world.

We accommodate all levels of play, from beginners and juniors through to elite.  Clubs coaches and associations are most welcome to contact us, and we can help to better  understand and accommodate deaf people.              

So….if you would like to play tennis, whether to pick up a racquet for the first time, or to take your game to the next level,  consider registering your interest here, or sending an email to: info@deaftennisaustralia.org  

National Events

Each year we hold the Australian National Deaf Tennis Championships.  Tennis is also part of the Australian Deaf Games, held every four years (next in Victoria in 2012).


International Events

The Deaflympics held every four years is the peak event on the international deaf tennis calendar.  Also on a four-year cycle is the Dresse and Maere Cups - the Davis Cup of deaf tennis, for men and women, next in 2011.  Deaf tennis is particularly strong in Europe, and rapidly growing in Asia, and most years there is at least one international event.  Those interested in international representation should be aware that the entry criteria is a hearing loss > 55dB in the better hear (with hearing aids / cochlear removed, which is a condition of play).


Deaf Tennis Australia

We consist of a national board, with activities in each state conducted either via subcommittee or in cooperation with state associations.  We seek to cater to all ages - juniors, adults and veterans.

Deaf Tennis Australia is an incorporated association, and is a Full Member of Deaf Sports Australia. 


Aims and Objectives

  • Promote tennis among deaf (including hard of hearing, cochlear implantees, etc) people 
  • Support deaf tennis players to reach their potential
  • Provide opportunities for deaf tennis players to compete, train & socialise
  • Ensure that Australia is represented internationally by our best tennis players 


The Current Board

  • President: Stephen Swann
  • Vice President: John Lui
  • Secretary: Kathy Sakellarios
  • Treasurer: Michael Kan
  • Board Member: Glen Flindell
  • Board Member: Daryl Jordan
  • Board Member: Jamie Zafir